Dr Randall Smith – Paul, His Life & His Writings, Session 5: Advice to the Philippian Church


This DVD is Session 5 of a six-part series.

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In Session 5, Advice to the Philippian Church, Dr. Randall Smith shows how Paul, in his letter to the Philippian church, offered specific directives from the Spirit of God, helping believers know how to discern the best path in following Jesus.

Paul offered a series of treatments for their problems. Without the right treatment, the body suffers. We must take special care to avoid furthering things that harm the body, while treating the symptoms of things that already has harmed it.

Paul was constantly involved in unlocking encouragement secrets – some of them simply by modeling. Models are one of God’s favorite ways of sharing what He desires an obedient believer to look like. Paul was used of God, not only to share the Gospel, but to model what the Gospel did in the life of one who is obedient.

This teaching is an imperative for any church planter and all of us following Jesus, and desiring to see His kingdom come.

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