Trouble on the sea



Why do bad things happen to people that sincerely follow the Lord?

When Israel was in the wilderness, God took them from the victory at the Red Sea where Pharaoh and his army drowned, to Marah. Walking through the dry, hot wilderness, they desperately needed water, and instead of taking them to Elim with the 12 springs, He took them to Marah. The Bible tells us that the water was bitter at Marah. (Actually the problem was that the water caused diarrhoea). Instead of giving them water, God gave them Milk of Magnesia! Why?

Paul followed Jesus with all his heart. But he experienced and suffered many hardships such as being washed up at a beach after a shipwreck, but also by being bitten by a snake. Why?

The answer to these questions is discussed in this DVD filmed on a boat on the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Dr. Randall Smith discusses the storm at sea according to Mark 4 & 5 and shows how Jesus wanted to teach His disciples that although their experience in the midst of the storm was not a pleasant experience, it was to teach them a very valuable lesson.

And so the pertinent question remains: Do we truly trust God?

Also Included: The “Jesus Boat” video ©The Yigal Alon Center, Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel

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