How on earth do you manage that? The answer is: because our Father in heaven has provided in the most amazing way financially and we also trust Him for the strength to do it. And so we share this with you in the belief that it will encourage you. For we can rely on the promise of the Lord Jesus that states:

“In that day you will not question Me about anything. Truly, truly, I say to you, if you ask the Father for anything in My name, He will give it to you” (John. 16:23).

We are busy with the arrangements to film three of Dr. Randall Smith’s tours during 2018 to obtain more footage for the Exploring The Lands Of The Bible DVD-series. This is a huge undertaking. Both the first and last of these three tours are about the mission trips of Paul. The first one will be in Italy. The second tour is about the Life of the Lord Jesus in Israel and during the third tour we plan to film more of Paul’s mission trips when we will also go to Athens, Corinth and Malta where Paul’s ship landed on the rocks (Acts 28:1-10). After all these years this will be the first time that we have the opportunity to film this particular tour (which is not organised regularly).

The last tour that we were able to film, was the Italy tour in September 2013, just before I had a heart attack in November of that year. (You may read my testimony in this regard under
“Blog” on

The Provision of the Lord
The Lord Who is aware of all things and regarding these tours, saw to it that we would be provided for in an amazing way, to enable us financially to book for the tours. As you know the financing of the filming and editing of these tours works as follow: Kerugma Productions, an undertaking of faith, depends 100% on the Lord for everything that we need for the ministry as well as for ourselves. We trust that the Lord will work in the hearts of those who have seen the DVDs, to support this ministry by their prayers and financially as He directs.

During the broadcasting of one of the series of Exploring The Lands Of The Bible on SABC 2, a woman who had switched on the TV called her husband to come and watch, telling him that what she was viewing was really worth watching. He was just in time to see the end of the DVD, but remembered the name of the presenter as being, “Dr Randall Smith”, shown up at the end. His subsequent internet search led him to the Bible School course led by Dr Randall Smith, “One Hour, One Book”. Although the filming and editing of the full course is not completed yet, Ben Russell uploaded the parts that had been finished on YouTube. Ben is the person who mans the three cameras donated a few years ago by Kerugma to film everything. The course in the meantime has become popular and is being watched all over the world. When you visit the Kerugma website ( and click on “Dr Randall Smith” you will see a paragraph with info about him. Then click on “One Hour, One Book” near the end of the paragraph and you will arrive on the page where you will be able to watch Dr Smith’s lectures presented on the different books of the Bible.

He said that he had watched many of these lectures by Dr Randall Smith while praying about a certain matter. And although he earned but a “normal” salary, he had indeed received an amount of money a number of years ago which he knew was to be contributed to a special project that the Lord would reveal to him in time. In the interim and awaiting the leading of the Lord, he chose to invest the money until the Lord would direct him as to where it should go.

Then, when he saw that short part of the program on TV, it was as if the Lord told him to give the money for the work behind that series.

Now, before we continue with the story, let me first mention something that happened when I had my heart attack. It is something that I haven’t shared with anyone before. It happened when the Lord sent me back to finish my work.

As mentioned in the testimony, there were different things that I knew the Lord wanted from me when I regained my consciousness after the attack. One was that I had to stop all secular work that I had done up until then to generate money for the ministry. I had to invest all my time and energy into the job that the Lord wanted me to finish. What I haven’t shared was my reaction towards this. I dared taking the liberty to tell Him that I wanted to obey Him with all the strength that He would provide, but that I would ask Him to provide financially for the ministry to enable us to do the work wholeheartedly. While I was waiting to be taken to the hospital, it was as if I was looking up into heaven as the Lord confirmed to me that He had heard me and would do just that.

After quite some time had passed and during which time, we were tested especially with regard to our finances. There were very difficult times where we did not know how we would be able to do the work. Then one day we received an email from Dr Randall Smith with a letter attached from someone in South Africa whom we did not know who told Dr Smith that he wanted to donate towards his media ministry. Dr Randall Smith asked us to contact the person. He also wrote to this person, explaining that we are doing the work and that it would be much easier to pay the donation directly into Kerugma’s account as we were from South Africa.

For us this meant a lot. We were absolutely amazed when we contacted this person telephonically and learned that he did not even know anything about Kerugma. He had never seen any of our DVDs, except for that last part of the one program that he saw on TV.

We could just praise the Lord when we saw the amount that he paid into the account. And we are still amazed at the amazing provision of the Lord.

When I mentioned to this man how I had prayed specifically for this, he was very excited. His reaction was that it comes as a confirmation to him that it was indeed the Lord speaking to him. He was overawed at the way the Lord worked – to answer our prayer by telling this stranger in a way that he could clearly know the Lord’s voice, even with not knowing anything about us, to donate the money for this ministry. He was “blown away”.

Isn’t this amazing? Which now brings us to the three tours and the costs involved. Through the years whenever we were on our way to film a tour, we asked you, our readers to pray for the costs involved. Although most people could not contribute financially, we heard from many who prayed. And the Lord answered, sometimes in time, and on other occasions partly before the tour, and the rest while we were on tour, or even after the tour. And it worked like that when we would only do one tour at a time. But now we have to do three tours in a short period of time, with the deposits requiring immediate payment and the balance, shortly thereafter. If we had had to book as in the past, booking for this special extended tour would not have been possible. But through this donation given to the media ministry of Dr Smith, everything has been provided for in time.

We regard this as an absolute miracle – something only possible with the Lord. Only He can work in the heart of one of His servants, to give like this in faith for His work!

The Lord Jesus says:

“…all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you, … for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” (Matt. 6:8; Mark. 11:24).

Isn’t this wonderful news?

Thank you so much for interceding for us. We trust that as the Lord has provided for us in such an amazing way, that He will also provide for you in all things and as you delight in Him.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you,

Naas and Marina le Roux

Please pray with us:
Praise the Lord with us for His amazing provision.
And please pray for:
~ All the arrangements involved in the undertaking of such tours;
~ For Dr Smith’s planning and preparation before the tours;
~ For our preparations and practising with and fine-tuning all the equipment;
~ For the strength and the ability to film everything correctly and capture all that is vital.
~ For everyone to have safe journeys to and from the tours;
~ For safe travels during the time of the tours;
~ For everyone’s health as well as for good weather during the tour.

Please keep in mind the following dates while praying for the tours:
The Italy tour: 18 April to 1 May.
The Israel tour: 5 to 16 May.
The Greece tour: 26 June to 9 July.