They Thought You Knew – The Biblical Way of Looking at Things



“I almost once got married by accident.” Explaining how this happened, Dr. Randall Smith tells in THEY THOUGHT YOU KNEW, how he learned through this experience “that just because a person speaks my language, it does not mean that they understand what I am saying.” The Bible translates the words, not the ideas. Very often there is a whole backdrop to the story that the Bible writers assumed you knew.”

In this DVD, filmed live on tour, Dr. Smith takes the viewer to Jaffa (Biblical Joppa) where Peter had the vision of the sheet coming down from heaven. From there the group moves to Caesarea Maritima, the Roman city where Cornelius, the centurion lived. Both these places provide the backdrop for the Biblical history of the spreading of the Gospel to the gentile world for the first time, as recorded in Acts 10.

Richly illustrated by aerial views and beautiful artistic paintings, this DVD is indeed a thought provoking and informative Bible study.

If you have ever wished that you could join a tour to Israel, now is the time to do it in the comfort of your own home.

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