Jesus on Jesus – Part 1



Part 1: The 7 “I am” sayings of Jesus

In this 2-part series, Dr. Randall D. Smith takes the viewer on a compelling journey in the footsteps of Jesus, with great insight into what Jesus said and did in revealing that He is the Son of God.

Based on the Gospel of John, in Part 1, he describes the seven “I am” sayings of Jesus: “I am- the Bread of Life; the Light of the World; the Door; the Good Shepherd; the Resurrection and the Life; the Way, Truth and Life; and the Vine.”

Filmed on location in Israel, this series will take you to the place where Jesus walked, to give you a better understanding of what He said and did.

These DVDs presented by Dr. Randall Smith are part of The Exploring The Lands Of The Bible series that is produced by Kerugma Productions.

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