Dr Randall Smith – Paul, His Life & His Writings, Session 1: The Man & His Mission


This DVD is Session 1 of a six-part series.

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In Session 1, The Man & His Mission, Dr. Randall Smith presents the very life of the unique man Saul of Tarsus and gives a timeline of his writings. Paul was indeed chosen by God for a very special mission. In fact, Acts 1:23 shares the details of how the Apostles chose a successor to Judas Iscariot. However, waiting in the wings for a Divine meeting was “Shaul of Tarsus” whose conversion and writings would powerfully impact the Disciples from the first century until now.

The essential facts about Paul’s life are, for the most part, documented in the Christian Scriptures. Yet, Dr. Smith, who had the privilege of standing on every place that Paul visited during his ministry, concluded that these facts are but a shadow of the man that stood the test of brutal beatings, shipwrecks, homeless wanderings and many rejections for the cause of proclaiming Jesus. A cause for which he would pay the ultimate price. But a cause through which he established many churches amongst the Jews and the Gentiles in a pagan world that was totally ignorant about the sacrifice that God brought by crucifying His own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for the sin of this world.

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