Dr Randall Smith – Paul, His Life & His Writings, Session 3: The Letter to the Romans


This DVD is Session 3 of a six-part series.

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In Session 3, The Letter to the Romans, Dr. Randall Smith deals with the “Polemic” Writings of Paul namely Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians and Galatians. Dealing with practical matters of the church, Paul tackled “five big questions” in the letter to the Romans.

Question One is: What happened to mankind? What is the legal case before the court of Heaven? (Romans 1:18-3:20).

Question Two is: What did God do to change the state of man in condemnation? (Romans 3:21-5:21).

Question Three is: How can one break free from their past state? (Romans 6:1-8:39).

Question Four is: Is God truly reliable based on the “track record” of His relationship with Israel? (9:1-11:36).

Question Five is: What changes should be evident in the life of the believer? (12:1-15:13).

If you ever thought that Romans is a “difficult” book to understand, please watch this teaching as you will quickly change your mind. Truly a must watch!

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