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Christmas and the Early Church

Dear Kerugma Supporter,

The angels announced to the shepherds on the fields of Bethlehem: “… for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Luk 2:11). Which day did the angel refer to? I don’t mean Monday or Sunday, but which day of the year was it? In other words, on which date was Jesus born?

We are used to celebrating His birthday on 25 December. Municipalities put up special Christmas lights, businesses grab the opportunity by commercialising the day and families make arrangements to spend the day together. Big meals are planned as well as special church services. (But sadly, people without families are just as lonely as ever.)

We know 25 December as a special, but also very controversial day, with the controversy especially being about the origin of the date. While many declare it as the celebration of some or other pagan feast. But what is the truth about 25 December? Every year, for as long as I can remember I have heard varying explanations of the origins and customs of the celebration of Christmas as being on 25 December. Over all these years, I must confess that I never heard the same explanation twice. Now what is the truth about this day and date? Can a child of God wish others blessings on Christmas day?

The question is: how does a child of God celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus? Is the 25th of December the correct day or is it the truth that it is a pagan day that should be avoided? Continue reading Christmas and the Early Church

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Wanneer jy bid

Naas le Roux

Wat behels dit wanneer die Here Jesus vir ons sê om in ons binnekamer te gaan, die deur te sluit en te bid tot ons Vader wat in die verborgene is? (Matt. 6:6)

Dit teenoor gebede wat in die sinagoges en op die hoeke van die strate gebid word met ‘n ydele herhaling van woorde.

Luister asseblief hierdie boodskap van Naas om uit te vind.



Luister na die preek

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Hoe hanteer ons probleme wat na ons kant toe kom

Marina le Roux

Die preek handel oor Jakobus 5:15-16 en is gepreek op 12 November 2017 deur Marina le Roux.

Hoe hanteer ons probleme wat na ons kant toe kom?

Gaan sit ons op ‘n hopie en kry onsself jammer?

Verloor ons ons humeur en raak kwaad vir God?

Nee, Jakobus se raad in Jakobus 5 is heel anders. Hy gee besondere goeie raad, raad wat werk.

Luister na die preek