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The Ancient City of Dan - Jeroboam’s Golden Calf
Click Here for Product Details! Tel Dan National Park combines a lush nature reserve with a biblical archaeological experience. At the heart of the park is Tel Dan, the capital of the ancient northern kingdom. The Dan River, one of the sources of the Jordan, flows through the reserve...
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Samson and Delilah
Click Here for Product Details! On this tour to Beith Shemesh, or House of the Sun, dr. Randall Smith unpacks the story of Samson by giving the viewer a better understanding of the geography of the area and by examining the events of his life...
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David and Goliath
Click Here for Product Details! In this DVD dr. Randall Smith gives a tour of Tel Azekah, explaining its demise. He also sheds new light on the familiar story of David and Goliath, informing the viewer of details only understood after observing the lay of the land from a hill-top vista...
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God Answers by Fire
Click Here for Product Details! When God wants to start a movement, He never raises up a committee, He raises up a leader. 1 Kings 17 - 18 records the preparation of Elijah to be the leader God needed at the time...
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They Thought You Knew - The Biblical Way of Looking at Things - 2 DVDs
Click Here for Product Details! “I almost once got married by accident.” Explaining how this happened, Dr. Smith tells in this DVD how he learned through this experience “that just because a person speaks my language, it does not mean that they understand what I am saying...
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The Characteristics of the Disciples
Click Here for Product Details! In this DVD Dr. Randall Smith takes the viewer on tour to the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. From different vantage points on the Mounts of Beatitude and Arbel we observe the stretch of land where 70% of all the Galilean teachings...
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Psalm 23
Click Here for Product Details! David was a shepherd on the hillsides surrounding ancient Bethlehem. Filmed on location in Israel, this DVD recounts David’s experience of shepherding as recorded in Psalm 23...
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The Salt Covenant
Click Here for Product Details! This DVD contains two very special presentations, delivered by Bible and archaeology professor, Dr. Randall D. Smith, during a tour in the Dead Sea region: (1) The Salt Covenant, and (2) Reasons why Nations Fail...
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Baptism in the time of Jesus
Click Here for Product Details! The New Testament opens with John baptizing the Jewish people in the River Jordan. What did the people understand when John the Baptist and Jesus told them to be baptized? And where in Jerusalem could 3000 people...
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7 Days that Changed the World - 4 DVDs
Click Here for Product Details! Jesus’ ministry on earth reached its climax with the seven day Passover Feast on which He would be the sacrificial Lamb. In this 4-part series Dr. Randal Smith guides us from Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the first day of the Feast...
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The Call of Moses
Click Here for Product Details! Moses was without a doubt the dominating figure in the lives of Jewish people through the ages. The Law that the Bible records as passing through his hands has shaped Jewish ethical, moral and religious understanding. God has used him greatly...
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How Jesus Grew up
Click Here for Product Details! The hometown experience of Jesus in Nazareth is explored with a unique archaeological look at the remains of Nazareth from 2000 years ago. The problems of growing up in this small village had an impact on what Jesus said and did...
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How Jesus Taught
Click Here for Product Details! The people were astonished at the Lord Jesus’ teachings, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as their scribes (Matt. 7:28-29). What is even more amazing, is that He taught them using the normal Rabbinic teaching methods...
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Jesus on Jesus - 2 DVDs
Click Here for Product Details! In this 2-part series, Dr. Randall D. Smith takes the viewer on a compelling journey in the footsteps of Jesus, with great insight into what Jesus said and did in revealing that He is the Son of God...
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Journey through the Bible
Click Here for Product Details! To journey through the Bible whilst touring the actual biblical sites in Israel, is truly a life changing experience. This DVD shows exactly what such a tour entails...
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The Wilderness Tabernacle - 4 DVDs
Click Here for Product Details! A full-scale replica of the Wilderness Tabernacle, built by Moses and the children of Israel, was replicated in the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea under directorship of Dr. Randall D. Smith...
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No way Out
Click Here for Product Details! The popular thought these days is that God is a God of love that will never allow people to go to hell. Dr. Randall Smith shows from Zechariah 11 that the God of the Bible is a loving God for sure. From the way He worked in the lives of His chosen...
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Click Here for Product Details! Man’s struggle for significance is universal. We all share in it. In this DVD Dr. Randall Smith shows from Genesis 10 that it is not our desire for significance that is the problem, but that we look for it in the wrong places...
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